Walmart Supports Stevens & Pruett Ranch

In the world today, people talk about super heroes all the time. Well, let me tell you about some real Super Hero’s. Ones who are out here making a difference.

Those heroes like Angela Wilson (Walmart Neighborhood Market 61 Manager), Greg Jenkins (Walmart Neighborhood Market 60 Manager), Lisa Israel (Walmart Store Manager 5116), Curtis Tipton (Walmart Store Manager 5388) and Bryan Duran (Walmart Store Manager 3298). These are the real heroes.

Since being involved with the Stevens and Pruett Ranch for Foster Children and Abused Animals, it has really been an inspiration to me and seeing the good that it does for our communities and knowing that no child is turned away.

When Stevens and Pruett (Radio Team at Houston’s 101.1 KLOL led by the late Jim Pruett & Mark Stevens) recognized some time ago that there was not enough bed space and housing to accommodate the female children in the State of Texas – a decision was made to increase the size of the house on The Ranch and bring in more bed space so that they could take in the young girls who would otherwise be left to wait forfoster housing or foster care.

As of this year, it is now a realization and The Joy House (main home) is completed and ready to accept the children that need it the most. Now all this is expensive and meeting the State and Federal mandates has a huge cost. This is completely donation driven and there are no state funds. It is about the community stepping up and making the difference.

Last year Walmart took that step and assisted with providing some much needed funds to help raise additional operational needs. This year with the completion of the all-female home, Walmart again stepped up and made a difference with the donation of bed comforters, towels, wash clothes, toiletries and some other essentials. We wanted to give the children something that they could call their own, even if it was just a comforter, pillow or a bar of soap and toothbrush.

These children will have a little bit they can call their own now because of people like Angela, Greg, Lisa, Curtis and Bryan. Through the suffering there is always hope. Our Walmart associates make a difference. I am so proud to work with people like them and be a part of this team.

Author: Alan Shann, Walmart Central Investigation Division Investigator and Stevens & Pruett Ranch Supporter

Submitted to Walmart Today (Monthly Walmart Publication)

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