The JOY House

Facilities at Stevens & Pruett Ranch

The JOY House – named after Joy Pruett – is a one story structure with two large family areas and a large kitchen. It was built in the early 80’s for the purpose of housing multiple kids along with a host family. On the “host family” side, there is a large bedroom with study and bath, and a smaller bedroom with a bath.

The “girls side” is attached to the large family room. 6 bedrooms will house 2 children each and have room for 2 beds, 2 night stands, 2 dressers and a small set of shelves. Each room has a window that needs coverings, whether blinds or blackout curtains. Each room has a closet as well. We’ll need lamps for bedside tables as well.

The house is surrounded by a beautiful white fence and trees that overlooks the front of the property including the Chapel and Lake. Conveniently enough, the bus stop is at the end of the drive.

Take a peek inside:

The JOY House: Girls' Bedrooms

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