Philanthropy & Donations

We’d LOVE to ADOPT YOU in to our Family!

Our extended family at The Ranch consists of philanthropists, corporate sponsors and donors of all sizes. The Ranch wouldn’t still be around without “family” and their contacts. We’d LOVE to grow this list exponentially, and quickly. Imagine the maintenance required on 38+ acres with 13 young ladies living in the same house, barns full of animals…and that’s just property maintenance. That does NOT include food, clothes, hygiene products – all the luxuries most enjoy in your every day life.

Here are a few ways you can consider helping:

philanthropy - stevens and pruett ranch

PHILANTHROPY: Philanthropy or monetary donations are in support of a cause without any commercial incentives. Money is donated simply for the good of the cause with no ‘strings’ attached. Usually there is little fanfare regarding this type of donation, however the donation can be used to increase the corporate image usually with it’s own stakeholders. Companies and families are usually thanked in a quiet way. Donations are fully receiptable as there are no benefits or advantages received by the donor company 

SPONSORSHIP: “Sponsorships” on the other hand, can be a cash donation or in-kind fee, either one time or recurring, paid to The Stevens & Pruett Foundation in return for access to the commercial potential associated with our organization and/or event. Money usually comes from the marketing, advertising or communications budget and is decided by the person(s) managing these areas.

The strategy would be to build a link in our target audiences minds’ between the sponsor and our Foundation (or event) to win consumers. Sponsorship is undertaken for the purpose of achieving commercial objectives and can be highly public, shared on websites, social media pages and other potential media outlets. 

IN-KIND DONATIONS – CORPORATE: If the product donation has a material advantage to the donor company, by raising the company’s public profile (i.e. to sell more products and services) and increasing positive public awareness of the product with both current and potential customers, this would be considered a sponsorship arrangement, which is therefore non-receiptable. Product donations usually come from the marketing or advertising budget. Product donations are deductible as a business expense. It is the policy of the Foundation not to issue tax receipts for any in—kind contributions to community events. 

IN-KIND DONATIONS – PERSONAL: Donations of time or physical donations of a non-corporate nature. These can be public or privately shared and thanked depending on our agreements!

We’d appreciate the share our informational email address with those that might be interested: [email protected]   . Donating is easy and can be handled directly via PayPal – The Safer, Easier Way to Pay Online!

Join our growing list of FRIENDS & FAMILY