Our Mission

The Stevens & Pruett Foundation for Children and Animals, founded by Jim and Joy Pruett in the early 1980′s sits on a 38 acre ranch providing a foster home for boys and rescued animals. Young boys ranging in age, are provided a safe place to rest their heads, given warm meals and love. Abused animals are nursed back to good health with the able assistance of the boys. When possible we find adoptive homes for the animals; however in most cases, these animals will call the Ranch their everlasting home.

Stevens and Pruett Ranch
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Chapel & bridge-correctedOur beautiful, white clapboard Chapel, sits amidst the lush, green pastures of the Stevens and Pruett Ranch. This quaint little church has all the charm anyone could wish for whether hosting an intimate wedding, church service, anniversary reception or simply a meeting. Tall windows line the walls, while a stunning stained glass window anchors the alter wall.


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Through the years, we’ve hosted many different types of events and fundraisers that aid in the upkeep of the Stevens and Pruett Ranch. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing EXICITNG news. News on events that will help fund the S&P Ranch, as well as other FRIEND-raising events for those interested in helping out at the Ranch and other charities we support. WE NEED YOU!