Cynthia (Cyndi) Harwell Nielsen


Cynthia (Cyndi) Harwell Nielsen began her oil and gas career more than 30 years ago in the Florida panhandle. She worked for her brother’s (M. C. Davis) oil and gas company as a field landman researching title and negotiating oil and gas leases in the state of Mississippi. Cynthia (Cyndi) Harwell Nielsen

“Cyndi” was a co-Founder of DFW ALTA (Dallas Association of Lease and Title Analysts), a local NALTA chapter in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. The “nineties” found Ms. Harwell in Fort Worth, TX where she added additional title analysis skills to her resume.

In 2003, Cyndi relocated to Houston and has contributed in leadership roles and project manager roles at several different Oil and Gas Exploration companies. In addition, she developed a course titled “Land Title Analysis Institute” that she teaches periodically. Her goal is to leave an educational legacy in her profession. She is energized by making a small difference for the futures of others–when those people later help new people in the profession the small differences increase.  To date, hundreds of students have attended the Institutes and approximately 200 students have acquired contract or full-time positions.

Cyndi has a degree in Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University, and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, also from Dallas Baptist University.

Her passions outside of work include playing tennis, swing dancing, writing, public speaking and serving in Women’s ministry.  Cyndi and Paul Nielsen were widowed after long marriages and were delighted to begin a new life together. They were married in June of 2017. Cyndi has a 31 year old son, who just celebrated his one year wedding anniversary and is expecting his first child in May of this year. She is grateful for the new relationships formed in the Nielsen family which include step-children and grandchildren.